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Pregnancy Massage for Women, Dahanu

The main purpose of a Pregnancy massage is to create a sense of wellbeing and peace in both the mother and child by improving blood circulation and bringing relaxation to the aches and pains that appear during pregnancy.

For the duration of the pregnancy massage, your body will be positioned on your side and supported appropriately with the help of pillows and cushions to provide protection and comfort for you and your baby.

No deep tissue work is done, just relaxing strokes. Pressure to the abdomen or hips is avoided. The abdomen region is not ignored; in fact both the mother and baby enjoy gentle strokes in this region.

No pressure is given on the heel bone or ankle as this is a point directly related to your uterus and can trigger premature birth especially in the 3rd trimester.

The legs which are now bearing a lot of load are massaged very thoroughly to provide relaxation and facilitate deep sleep. Avoid very deep strokes on the thigh as pregnant women are prone to blood clots in this area.

Massage is recommended only after the second trimester.

Always consult your gynecologist before receiving a pregnancy massage.

The Doctor may also recommend some areas and the techniques that need to be avoided. In cases where your gynecologist asks you to avoid massage for the lower back and abdominal area, just your face, hands, arms, and feet will be worked on for relaxation.

Always remember not to experience pain during a pregnancy massage. If so, right away inform the massage therapist about the pain.

Avoid pre-natal massage if you are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure.

Benefits of receiving massage during pregnancy...

  • Ease the headaches, backaches, neck and shoulder aches that transpire due to the change in posture and balance and the resulting tension in the muscles as your body grows.

  • Pregnancy massage also reduces the pain in the pelvic or hip region and fatigue. It also improves the functioning of your digestive system.

  • Reduces the possibility of  stretch marks by improving the skin elasticity.

  • Reduces swelling in the hands and lower legs.

  • It provides relaxation to the body and mind as well as facilitates deep breathing and balances your hormone levels by decreasing anxiety.

My work space...

I freelance out of my residence in Masoli, Dahanu. The room is beautifully set up for massage and opens out into a delightful terrace surrounded by trees.

I share my home with 5 dogs and 3 cats so it is important that you are relaxed around animals! The massage space is animal free!!

Duration:                       Cost:
60-70 minutes                Per session: Rs. 800         

Something that really helped me through my pregnancy and labour was a ten day vipassana course. As a mother of a beautiful baby boy, I now write children’s books.
The Indigo fairy and the Frog The Indigo Fairy and the Water Buffalo The Indigo Fairy and the Lizard

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