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Vedanã, Buddha's Contribution to Meditation...

In Sanskrit and Pali, all sensations whether pleasant, un-pleasant or neutral are Vedanā. The inevitable contact of our senses with the external world is experienced by us as raw physical sensations on the body. An unconscious part of our mind constantly reacts to these sensations, creating liking, craving and attachment to the pleasant sensations and aversion towards unpleasant sensations. According to Lord Buddha, this attachment or aversion towards something which is impermanent is the cause of our suffering.

Buddha realised that objective concentrated awareness of Vedanā in the physical body while keeping the mind free of craving or aversion; led to an understanding into the impermanent nature of all things and a path of liberation from suffering. Sensations whether gross like pain, heaviness, numbness or subtle like tingling or pulsing are all impermanent. They arise and pass away. Being able to observe this phenomenon within the framework of your own body, gives you an understanding based on your own direct experience, of the transience of all things that we consider important.


Vipassana refers to a special way of observing or seeing. These life changing 10 day residential meditation courses are held all over the world. Inspired by Vipassana, Dinaz Irani (Nee: Darukhanawala) branded her Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Sessions and Yoga Classes as 'Vedanã. Both the massage and yoga classes provide a wonderful opportunity for you to watch the body sensations with conscious awareness.

The Indigo Fairy and Friends Children’s Book Series


As a stay at home mother, life has offered little spaces for these colourful words and images to emerge! Being the author and illustrator of these books has been a great experience for me – a wonderful outlet for creative energy which allows Kian full access to his mummy.

The first three books in this series are now available online and introduce children to FROGS, WATER BUFFALOES and LIZARDS; teaching them about life and some of the wonderful fellow creatures we share our world with in a fun way.....

I have co-illustrated “The Indigo Fairy and the Frogs”, the first of the series with Andree Francoise, my dhamma mother, teacher and a very lovely meditating artist who lives in Dhammagiri, Igatpuri.

It was during one of my visits to Dhammagiri that Andree’s teacher Shantiben told us about Indigo children. We enjoyed playing with the idea of my son, Kian being a Indigo baby throughout that visit. Indigo babies have a lot of Indigo in their auras, a colour which suggests a strong spiritual inclination. When the ideas for the books started to flow, Kian naturally became an Indigo Fairy!

These beautiful board books can be enjoyed by even the youngest children for a long time.

I am very happy to share that my books are being used by the Tamarind Tree School in Dahanu as a teaching aid for English.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

This scientifically redefined deep tissue massage from Pune combines principals and techniques from both yoga and ayurveda. Similar to Shiatsu and the traditional ayurvedic stroking massage (abhyanga), this is a unique method of therapeutic body work. The massage is a combination of abhyanga (traditional ayurvedic stroking massage, yoga stretches to open and align the body, as well as the use of strategic acupressure points to activate the various systems of the body (e.g. nervous, digestive and respiratory systems) ....For more information, click on  AYURVEDIC YOGA MASSAGE.

Yoga Classes in Dahanu

 Classical Yoga is based on the Yoga Sutra's of Sage Patanjali and focuses on how the various yoga practices allow us to have more control over our mind, body and emotions. The Yoga classes are a blend of asana, pranayama, kriya and some theory to gain holistic benefits from your yoga practice ....For more information, click on Yoga Classes in Dahanu

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