Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Terrace Garden...

I would like to present some of the jewels that have come and gone in my garden. Some plants continue to thrive, new ones keep coming along. The latest experiment has been to grow my own vegetables. At the moment I have tomato and capsicum. It is such a good feeling to grow and eat your own vegetables that I can guarantee more vegetables will be added to that list very soon!

    Tomato and lettuce        

  Green tomato, ripens into lovely red cherry tomato      Baby capsicum, the plant is still such a baby and already generously giving flowers and fruit.

The Dudi in all its glory!   Salad flowers and seeds ready to take over the world!

When we give energy, attention and nourishment to positive thoughts, they bloom and grow. Unfortunately we are usually caught up making the negatives in our life grow! The best thing about working with plants or even animals is that they are a safe outlet for you to open up and shower love and affection and trust. Everyday you practice friendliness and the feeling grows and spills over other human beings as well!










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