Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

The Importance of Massage for Women, Mumbai

Most women in big cities like Mumbai are involved in a stressful balancing act. We live our lives very similar to the clown juggling lit candles and at the same time jumping and balancing from balloon to balloon! The only difference is that with 13 billion people sharing our wonderful city of Mumbai, there are hundreds of monkeys just waiting to burst the balloons!

Trying to give energy to all the aspects of our life - our jobs, housework, family, friends; the list goes on and on! Usually our needs end up taking the backseatClick to visit the osho website and pull a tarot card..:). Living in this crowded, stressful and bustling city of Mumbai makes it all the more important for us to take time out for relaxation.

It is essential to have some “me” time during the day for your overall well-being. Allowing yourself to connect with your body and breath once more and finding a natural harmonious state of being. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage provides you with this wonderful opportunity to just relax and be.

Disease is nothing other than not being at ease. The body, breath, emotions and mind are all interconnected. As we work on any one of these, all others also get affected.

During the massage, the body is at ease, the breath finds its natural relaxed rhythm and the mind follows. People often fall asleep for 10-20 minutes after a session which is lovely. That is what their body needs at that moment. The ayurvedic massage will help you to stay in this relaxed state and carry it with you through the day.

I love to receive as well as give massage. One of the things I enjoy most when receiving a massage is the feeling of being taken care of completely. All I need to do is relax, allow the energy to flow as required and to allow healing to take place. Since this is what I enjoy most, this is what I try to provide for the lovely women who come to me...:)

At a vipassana course recently I realised how wonderful it was to have all these people who were cooking, serving, assisting there only to facilitate deeper meditation for us. Leaving your home and going to another space free from the problems, people and responsibilities of your life is really helpful in receiving the most out of your ayurvedic yoga massage session. Your only responsibility during these sessions is to relax, enjoy and give feedback when required. Feedback could be regarding something that you really enjoy or things that make you uncomfortable during the session.

Please book sessions at least one day in advance. 

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward."  - Spanish Proverb

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